DAY 1 (22/10/2018)

After days of preparation, the group of 60 students and 7 teachers safely reached Ho ChinMinh City, Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh formerly named ans still also referred to Saigon, is the largest city in Vietnam. The last group touched down around 3.00 pm local time.

Once arrived, the students were brought to their first destination: Red Cathedral.Apart from religious touch, since its erection in 1895, the cathedral has stood strong boasting influence of French civilization and Christianity over Saigon.



Next, students visited The Central Post Office located right in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City. It is one of the oldest buildings in the city.



After lunch, students then were brought to The Remnants Museum. Throughout their journey in the museum, they saw interesting artifacts such as unexploded bombs, American Military aircraft and tanks, and many more. Based on the information they gathered from the war museum, they were able to explain how the peace and reconciliation was established.



The students then were brought to the hotel after dinner at the Red House Restaurant and they had their reflections session in the Conference Hall.

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